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 Top 5 MMA rivalries of All Time

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PostSubject: Top 5 MMA rivalries of All Time   Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:44 am

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1. Kazushi Sakuraba vs The Gracies

Score: 4-2 Sakuraba When: Pride 8, Pride Grand Prix 2000 Finals, Pride 10, Pride 12, K-1 Dynamite!! USA, Dream.14

thinking about an epic Mixed Martial Arts rivalry, there's no better
example than Kauzshi Sakuraba's "War on the Gracies". Sakuraba defeated
Royler Gracie at PRIDE 8, then victimizing Royce, Renzo and Ryan, going
4-0 against Gracie family members and receiving the famous "Gracie
Hunter" nickname. Eight years after defeating Royler, Sakuraba lost a
lackluster Unanimous Decision to Royce Gracie, who was tested positive
for Anabolic Steroids after the fight. Royce Gracie was fined for
2,500$ and suspended for 12 months, but the result of the fight still
remained in place.

Finally, Sakuraba fought the young USA-born
Ralek Gracie at the Dream.14 event. Ralek Gracie managed to defeat the
41-year old legend via Unanimous Decision, in probably the final
chapter of the biggest rivalry in MMA history. Sakuraba's "War on
Gracies" was without a doubt one of the main reasons behind MMA's
entrance to the Japanese mainstream, and will be surely remembered for
ages to come.

2. Ken Shamrock vs Tito Ortiz

Score: 3-0 Ortiz When: UFC 40: Vendetta, UFC 61: Bitter Rivals, Ortiz vs. Shamrock 3 The Final Chapter

Huntington Beach Bad Boy vs. the World’s Most Dangerous Man are without
a doubt the most heated rivalry in the UFC history. It all started when
Ortiz defeated the top Lions Den competitors Bohlander and Guy Mezger,
sparking a fire in Ken Shamrock’s camp. Ortiz and Shamrock had to wait
almost a year for their first match-up, which was convincingly won by
the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy”.

After four years, 21 UFC cards
and the intense Ultimate Fighter 3 show, Ortiz and Shamrock met again.
The outcome was shadowed by Herb Dean’s early stoppage, which forced
the UFC President Dana White to announce at the UFC 62 post-fight press
conference “The Final Chapter” between the two. Ortiz defeated Shamrock
for the third time on October 10th 2006, in what was also his last
victory inside the Octagon.

3. Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir

Score: 1-1 Draw When: UFC 81, UFC 100

hard to think about fighters who hate each other as much as Brock
Lesnar and Frank Mir. The amount of trash talk between could supply
newspaper headlines for ages to come. The first encounter took place at
UFC 81 back in 2008, with Frank Mir defeating the future UFC
Heavyweight Champion via a Knee Bar. The taste of defeat turned Brock
Lesnar into a revenge-seeking monster, who destroyed Frank Mir at the
milestone UFC 100 event.

After UFC 100 it was Frank Mir who
turned a rubber match against Brock Lesnar into his obsession, saying
at some point that he hopes Lesnar would be "the first person to die
inside the Octagon". Despite missing his chance to fight Lesnar again,
Frank Mir knows very well that the rubber match is inevitable. The
level of psychological influence these fighters have on each other will
force them to meet again, sooner or later.

4. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva

Score: 2-1 for The Axe Murderer When: Pride Final Conflict 2003, Pride 28: High Octane, UFC 92

encounters between Quinton Jackson and Wanderlei Silva can be easily
described as an "Advertisement for MMA". Enjoying the prime of his
career, Wanderlei Silva brutally finished the relatively inexperience
Rampage in the first two encounters. The bouts provided in-ring brawls
between camps, intense staredowns and highlight reel knockouts that
will be remembered forever.

Four years later, Rampage finally
had his revenge at the stacked UFC 92 fight card. Jackson knocked out
Silva out cold in the first round, reducing the score to 2-1 overall.
The trilogy between the two has very slim chances to turn into a saga,
with Wanderlei Silva moving (probably) permanently to the Middleweight

5. Rampage Jackson vs Rashad Evans

Score: 1-0 Rashad Evans When: UFC 114

Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock, Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evand did not
need three encounters to develop deep hatred for each other. Rampage
Jackson defeated Evans’ teammate Keith Jardine at the UFC 96 main
event, which was followed by an intense staredown between the two at
the post-fight interview. UFC realized that there’s plenty to squeeze
out of this rivalry and booked the two combatants for the TUF 10:
Heavyweights coaching role.

One of the worst TUF seasons
quality-wise turned into a trash talking war, which nearly ended in a
brawl between Rashad and Rampage. Evans played a big part in returning
Rampage back from his B.A. Baracus retirement, for a one-sided
Unanimous Decision victory at the UFC 114 main event. Rashad is now
waiting to fight Shogun Rua for the title, as Rampage will square off
against Lyoto Machida. But make no mistake, these two will meet again
in 2011.
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Top 5 MMA rivalries of All Time
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