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 Georges St.Pierre: “I’m a better fighter than Josh Koscheck because I’m more well rounded”

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PostSubject: Georges St.Pierre: “I’m a better fighter than Josh Koscheck because I’m more well rounded”   Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:11 am

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Welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre will have a chance to
silence his critics and number one contender Josh Koscheck this
December, when he defends his title after the airing of the Ultimate
Fighter season 12.
St.Pierre has looked untouchable as of late in his past two title
defenses, because he has managed to keep his opponents on their backs
and out of their comfort zones. While many have praised him for his
dominant performances, others have bashed him for being conservative
and other have called him boring.
In a interview with,
St.Pierre addressed those critics and spoke about it does not bother
him because he is looking to win first and foremost when he steps into
the Octagon to defend his title.
“It doesn’t bother me. I always fight against my
opponent’s weaknesses. I fight smart. People remember the winners—they
don’t remember the losers. They want to see the best fighters. In my
last fight, it wasn’t very exciting, but I made a couple of mistakes—I
should have finished him—but Dan Hardy is a lot better than people
thought and to be honest, things like that happen.”

St.Pierre also had a chance to respond to Josh Koscheck’s recent
claims that he uses steroids and HGH in order to have an unfair
competitive advantage over other fighters. St.Pierre said Koscheck’s
accusations frustrated him, but he refuses to get into verbal warfare
and will take the high road instead.
“For sure I get angry, I get mad, and sometimes I want
to say bad things but I am a martial artist. I stand for something and
I fight for something and it’s not my style to talk like that even
though sometimes it’s hard. It’s a lot harder to not [talk smack] than
to let yourself go and be disrespectful. That is my nature. I want to
take the high road.”

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When asked if he felt if Koscheck was his stiffest competitor to
date, St.Pierre responded by saying that he knows he will have a lot on
his hands and will do his best to keep the number one contender off
guard this December.
“It’s going to be the toughest challenge. He’s very
skilled and he’s the kind of fighter that is very well rounded. A lot
of the guys that I have fought are good on the ground or on the feet,
but they have holes in their game. Koscheck is like me; he’s not the
best striker, not the best wrestler, not the best Jiu-Jitsu guy, but he
can do it all so it’s going to be interesting. You’re going to see a
mix of different things; it’s going to be good.”

St.Pierre also responded to Koscheck’s claims that he has better
striking and punching power coming into their bout. Koscheck has said
several times that he intends to knockout St.Pierre and test his chin
in their rematch.
“Well we will see who has the best chin in my fight. I
can’t wait to see that. I’m very confident and it’s not because I’m
afraid of getting hit that I don’t get hit, I think it’s just stupid to
get hit.”

When asked if he had any concerns with the long lay-over from the
Ultimate Fighter season 12 to his next title fight, St.Pierre responded
by saying he will use the time to his advantage. St.Pierre also stated
he will defeat Koscheck, because he is a better all around fighter then
the number one contender.
“I’m going to use this long layoff to come back as a
much more improved version than I was in my last fight. I’m a better
fighter than Josh Koscheck because I’m more well rounded and I will
have the right strategy to fight him.”

I have a feeling that Josh Koscheck’s claims and recent predictions
are all a strategy just to get under St.Pierre’s skin. We all know that
Koscheck is a master of manipulating his opponent’s mind and throwing
them off of their game-plans by frustrating them with trash talk and it
looks like it may have slightly worked with St.Pierre.
We know St.Pierre does not show too much emotion when coming into a
fight, but this may be the first time we see him really taking a fight
personal and use the trash talk to fuel him. St.Pierre is no stranger
to insults, it comes with the job, but a lot of observers felt Koscheck
stepped over the line by accusing St.Pierre of steroid use. Others
suspected it was all a part of Koscheck’s master plan.
St.Pierre and Koscheck are reportedly set to meet on December 11, at
a undisclosed venue, and we will find out then if the number one
contender’s plan will blow up in his face or fuel him to victory.
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Georges St.Pierre: “I’m a better fighter than Josh Koscheck because I’m more well rounded”
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