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 Antonio McKee Implies Racism Of Him Not Being In The UFC

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PostSubject: Antonio McKee Implies Racism Of Him Not Being In The UFC   Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:19 am

Antonio McKee Implies Racism Of Him Not Being In The UFC | Steve Rattlesnake

In an interview with Ben Fowlkes, Antonio McKee the current MFC LW champion and undefeated in the last 7 years somewhat blames racism of him not being in the UFC despite carrying a winning record under his belt.

I’m the best at what I do. I already know that. You see all these guys doing the same thing now, and I’m better than all those guys who think they can do that. Sean Sherk, what does he do? He throws that sloppy overhand right with a blast double-leg. Matt Hughes, what does he do? Georges St. Pierre, he doesn’t even get hit anymore. And afterwards, he says, ‘I’m not a brawler; I’m a mixed martial artist.’ And then you have people talking about how great he is.

I do exactly what you saw him do, but better! I think a lot of it is racist. And I’m not saying racist against all black people necessarily, but racist towards me. You have these white guys who do the same exact thing, why doesn’t anyone say this stuff about them?

Why are they handpicking the minorities? Is it because you’ve got all these white guys, Harley-Davidson, Jack Daniels type people out there buying all the expensive tickets? Because I can understand that, but at least come out and say it. Don’t tell me you got the best in there, because that’s bs.

Actually, the UFC is interested. You know what I know, it’s not just about how good you are. There’s a lot of other factors involved. I probably shouldn’t say this because it might come back to bite me, but you remember when they brought back the 155 [pound] division. The guy that had stood with them the longest there was Yves Edwards. He lost one fight, got triangled, then had a stoppage due to a cut against Joe Stevenson and they cut him. What? You got white guys who have been knocked out three or four times and keep coming back. Chuck [Liddell] has been knocked out so many times they need to make a stone with his name on it. Now, if anyone should have gotten a shot at the title, it should have been Yves Edwards. But it wasn’t.

McKee On Jon Fitch:

He’s still fighting in the UFC, still making big dollars. And, the big difference is, he’s not undefeated for eight years. I’m saying find someone to kick my a–, shut me up, and I’ll retire.

When asked about the race is the reason why many fans don’t like to watch him fight:

No, not at all. I feel that way, but I don’t think that way. The reason I feel that way is because I don’t do anything different than Sean Sherk, Matt Hughes, St. Pierre. I do nothing different from them, except I do it better than them. Why did they let Yves Edwards go? He was a stand-up banger. Why didn’t he get a rematch against Joe Stevenson? He got cut, but he was ahead on the scorecards. I understand. It’s a business. It’s not about who’s the best.
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Antonio McKee Implies Racism Of Him Not Being In The UFC
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